Jan's Poetry Place

Poems Of Anger

This Anger

This anger is slowly building;
It's about to boil over the top,
A flood of emotion,
Like a volcano you cannot stop.
This white hot rage,
That's far too hot to touch,
Will burn you up,
If you give them too much.
This anger will consume you;
It will burn deep down in your heart;
You'll lose all perspective,
And sensibility will be torn apart.
But you must control it,
Before this anger controls you;
Anger is like hate,
There is so much damage it can do.

{©2004 Jan Brooks }
You Are Wrong

You are wrong,
And you know it’s true,
But you won’t admit,
Denying it is what you do!

You are wrong,
Those words that you say,
But you won’t admit,
You like to do it your own way!

You are wrong,
It’s easy to see,
But you won’t admit,
And you often like to blame me!

You are wrong,
And I’ll tell you so,
But you won’t admit,
Although you definitely know!

{©2008 Jan Brooks}

You make me angry,
And you drive me mad,
Push me too far,
Too much stress to be had.

You take all you can,
And you use everyone,
You’re so selfish,
You always kill the fun.

You make me hate you,
And you’re often cruel,
I’ve had enough,
Of a controlling fool.

You take advantage,
And you provoke me,
It’s all too much,
It’s not how it should be!

{©2009 Jan Brooks}
So Angry

I’m so angry,
I want to scream and shout,
So hard to hold back,
But I want to let it out.

I’m so angry,
I want to punish you,
Hard to show restraint,
When it’s all I want to do.

I’m so angry,
I want to just attack,
Hard to keep control,
When I want to fight back.

I’m so angry,
I want to slap your face,
So hard to resist,
But you’ve invaded my space!

{©2009 Jan Brooks}
Anger Is...

Anger is,
A powerful emotion,
It can be,
A deadly potion.

Anger is,
A destructive action,
It can be,
A fatal attraction.

Anger is,
A volatile cocktail,
It can be,
A mission bound to fail…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}