Jan's Poetry Place

Poems Of Heartbreak


I reached for you,
But you were no longer there,
I turned around,
And realized you didn't care.
I opened my eyes,
And saw the truth in your lies,
I finally woke up,
And realized it was just a disguise.
I cried your name,
But it was lost in my cry of pain,
I tried to get up,
But realization knocked me down again.
I tried to touch you,
But cruel reality hit me instead,
I finally understood,
That what we once had, was now dead...

{©2004 Jan Brooks}

It never really hit me,
On the day you walked away,
You left me with goodbye,
Yet I had so much more to say.

With the time you gave me,
It’s you I never thought I’d lose,
It’s you I did confide in,
I never thought I’d have to choose.

Now I see how good it was,
How much you really meant to me,
I loved you all along,
And I was so blind not to see.

I hope you’ll remember me,
I really miss my one true friend,
I’d do anything to have you back,
It should never have come to an end…

{©2008 Jan Brooks}
You Lied

You cheated,
And you lied,
The love I felt,
Has surely died.
Nothing left,
But a cold heart,
My trust in you,
Has been torn apart.
Empty promises,
Were all I got,
Lies and blame,
Honest, you are not!
Deceitful games,
Are what you play,
Your obsessions,
Get in the way.
The real you,
Has shown it's face,
Your true colours,
Prove you're a disgrace!
The reality,
I've come to see,
You and I
Were never meant to be!

{©2004 Jan Brooks}
The Truth

Darkness descends,
Apon a dream,
Reality isn't,
What it may seem.
Souls empty,
Hearts do break,
Loving him,
Was a mistake.
Hope I had,
Has now been lost,
My emotions,
Were the cost.
Fooled by him,
With games and lies,
There in his eyes.
Just in time,
I saw the light,
The truth shows,
And I'm proved right!

{©2006 Jan Brooks}


We Had It All

We had so much,
But you went and broke my heart,
Shattered memories,
And my world has now been torn apart.
We had it all,
But you were the one to leave,
Memories left behind,
And I'm left here alone to grieve.
We had everything,
But you wanted something more,
More than memories,
And I'm left wishing it was like before.
We had it all,
But it wasn't enough for you,
Memories meant nothing,
And I'm left here wondering what to do.
We had so much,
But you threw it all away,
All the memories,
And now it's all I have left today...

{©2006 Jan Brooks}


I Can Do Without

I can do without,
The heartache and the pain,
The memories,
And having to relive it all again.
I can do without,
The cheating and the lies,
The deception,
And every unconvincing disguise.
I can do without,
The tension and the stress,
The anxiety,
And having to be left with the mess.
I can do without,
The anger and the blame,
The uncertainty,
And every cruel and heartless game.
I can do without,
The sadness and the fear,
The depression,
And having emotions that aren't clear.
I can do without,
The mistrust and the doubt,
The hopelessness,
Oh, there is so much I can do without!

{©2007 Jan Brooks}

You Lied

You said we’d always be together,
And nothing could tear us apart.
You said you really loved me,
You could feel it in your heart.

You promised you’d love me forever,
And love doesn’t change overnight.
You said you cherished each minute together,
Every single second holding me tight.

You claimed you'd do anything for me,
There was nothing you wouldn’t do.
You said if we kept no secrets,
There wasn’t anything we couldn’t get through.

You told me I was beautiful,
And that I was perfect in every way.
You said that I was always on your mind,
You thought about me everyday.

You said you felt special when we were close,
Like all you worries had disappeared.
You claimed you’d want me always,
Us being apart, you greatly feared.

But here I am broken, hurt, and all alone,
There's emptiness where you stood by my side.
That means many promises were broken,
I guess that really means...you lied!

{©2007 Jan Brooks}


How Can I?

It’s hard to see the good,
When the bad gets in the way,
How can I see,
Beyond the hell of every day.

It’s hard to see the light,
When the darkness seems to loom,
How can I see,
Beyond the evil and the doom.

It’s hard to see the calm,
When the fear has taken hold,
How can I see,
Beyond the violence, cruel and cold.

It’s hard to see the hope,
When the failure is so stark,
How can I see,
Beyond the pain that leaves its mark… 

{©2010 Jan Brooks}


Relationships are tough,
But we don’t ask why,
And we don’t question,
The unbearable tie.

Relationships are cold,
But we let them be,
And we don’t change it,
We are too blind to see.

Relationships are sad,
But it’s just not right,
And we think its fine,
When no one wants to fight.

Relationships are hard,
But they shouldn’t be,
And I’ve discovered,
They are just not for me!

{©2010 Jan Brooks}

It’s Sad…

It’s sad how people are here,
But tomorrow they’re not,
It’s sad how friendships don’t last,
And you don’t see what you’ve got.

It’s sad how people you know,
Became people you knew,
It’s sad how some don’t grow,
And others already grew.

It’s sad how people don’t think,
And make that big mistake,
It’s sad how your best friend,
Turns out to be someone so fake…

{©2010 Jan Brooks}

This World

I think about,
This world full of sin,
All the heartache,
And the pain people are in.

I think about,
This world full of fear,
All the terror,
And actions that are unclear.

I think about,
This world full of hate,
All the violence,
And moments when it’s too late.

I think about,
This world full of pain,
All the agony,
And the scars that will remain…

{©2010 Jan Brooks}