Jan's Poetry Place

Poems Of Inspiration

I Find Inspiration

I find inspiration,
In the words of a song,
The melody,
And the rhythm so strong.

I find inspiration,
In the beauty of art,
And the colours,
Play a creative part.

I find inspiration,
In the things we don’t see,
The warm night air,
Or cool breeze around me.

I find inspiration,
In natures pure beauty,
Gods creations,
So wonderful to see.

I find inspiration,
In so many places,
The attraction,
Of the wide open spaces.

I find inspiration,
In simple little things,
And I enjoy,
The pleasure that it brings…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}

Her Inspiration

She sits there alone,
With her thoughts far away,
Down by the river,
On a warm sunny day.
Note pad on her lap,
Writing down what she sees,
Expressing her thoughts,
Under the tall old gum trees.
Listening to the sounds,
Of the river and the birds,
The sounds of nature,
Helps put her thoughts into words.
She sits there for hours,
Enjoying the peacefulness,
She has all she needs,
Her feelings she can express.
She’ll go for a swim,
Or just lie on the sand,
Or go for a walk,
Plenty of time, nothing planned.
A relaxing day,
Just doing her own thing,
Inspiration flows,
And the rewards it does bring.
Finally she heads home,
Her day leisurely spent,
Very creative,
Her inspiration is heaven sent…

{©2007 Jan Brooks}


A pen in hand,
And a blank page,
Not at this stage.
A mental block,
Just can’t think straight,
Will have to wait.
Can’t find the words,
What can I say?
Has lost its way.
Can it be found?
To write again,
Yes, I will regain!

{©2007 Jan Brooks}

What Is A Poet?

What is a poet?
I wonder sometimes,
Someone who’s good,
With words and rhymes.
Captured in thought,
Creative verse,
That can’t be bought.
I think a poet,
Writes from the heart,
Words with meaning,
I would call it art.
Expressed in prose,
And emotions,
That they expose.
What is a poet?
Can it be defined?
Its many things,
Everything combined.

{©2008 Jan Brooks}

I Could Write…

I could write about,
All that I’ve wanted to do,
About my expectations,
The dreams that never came true.

I could write about,
The men I’ve known in my life,
About my experiences,
The perfect times and the strife.

I could write about,
All the tears and the heartbreak,
About my disappointments,
The fear of every mistake.

I could write about,
The moments I really hate,
About my revengeful thoughts,
The consequences and fate.

I could write about,
The love and the happiness,
About my secret desires,
There’s so much I could confess.

I could write about,
So many wonderful things,
About my inspired moments,
The surprises that life brings…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}



A Letter To You

I've written a letter,
That I want to send to you,
Saying how I feel,
But it was very hard to do.
It took a long time,
To say what I wanted to say,
I wasted paper,
Forever throwing the mistakes away.
After weeks of trying,
I finally got the words out,
But now I'm unsure,
I'm filled with regret and doubt.
How will you react,
I wonder what you will say?
Should I send this letter,
Or should I just throw it away?
I've expresed my feelings,
And told you everything I know,
Explained things properly,
And let my honesty show.
I poured out my heart,
But now I wonder why,
Remembering the past,
Sometimes still makes me cry.
Maybe I won't send it,
I think I'll keep it for now,
It's a kind of release,
It makes me feel better somehow.
Yes, my uncertainty,
Stops me sending it to you,
But writing it all down,
Has made a difference, it's true...

{©2006 Jan Brooks}


Poems Of Prayer & Praise



You should pray,
In the morning when you wake,
Praise the Lord,
For a beautiful day break.

You should pray,
In the middle of the day,
Praise the Lord,
For the good that comes your way.

You should pray,
In the evening before bed,
Praise the Lord,
For the faith that has been fed…

{©2010 Jan Brooks}

Open Your Heart

You can worship the Lord,
But you must believe the word,
Open your heart,
And let your voice be heard.

You can pray to the Lord,
But you must mean what you say,
Open your heart,
And believe in the way.

You can just love the Lord,
But you must always be true,
Open your heart,
And let the Lord love you!

{©2010 Jan Brooks}

I Thought I Knew

I thought I knew beauty,
Until the day I saw you,
I thought I knew devotion,
But all others, untrue.

I thought I knew happiness,
Until you showed me the way,
I thought I knew about trust,
But all others, betray.

I thought I knew true faith,
Until you made me believe,
I thought I knew honesty,
But all others, deceive.

I thought I knew hope,
Until my soul, you did save,
I thought I knew patience,
But only you, Lord, forgave!

{©2010 Jan Brooks}


Pray For You

I pray for you,
When you’re feeling low,
I pray that He,
Will make all your pain go.

I pray for you,
When times are quite tough,
I pray that He,
Will provide you enough.

I pray for you,
When things have gone wrong,
I pray that He,
Will again make you strong.

{©2010 Jan Brooks}

I Think Of You

I think of the helpless,
And I pray for their life,
Hope they find a way,
Out of trouble and strife.

I think of the needy,
And I pray for their soul,
To have their needs met,
And to take back control.

I think of the broken,
And I pray for them too,
Those who are in pain,
Yes, people just like you…

{©2010 Jan Brooks}

Never Alone

When I look back at my life,
I see all the things I’ve done wrong,
The heartache and the strife,
I thought I was unbreakable and strong.

How I wish I could turn back time,
Just so I could change things, it’s true,
My life’s been an unspeakable crime,
When all I really needed was you.

I had been to hell and back,
But somehow knew I was never alone,
And when my blue skies turned black,
I still knew I was never on my own.

When I thought all hope was gone,
And I watched as everything fell,
Wondering if I could ever go on,
If it wasn’t for you my Lord, I’d still be in hell…

{©2010 Jan Brooks}