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Poems Of Life Experiences

A Discovery

It was over 10 years ago,
I became mysteriously ill,
Seems so long ago,
But the memory haunts me still.

First it was the headaches,
That gripped my head so tight,
Then the dizziness,
Affected my balance and my sight.

Unexplained symptoms,
Led to test after frustrating test,
So many doctors,
And specialists who thought they knew best.

Many months later,
A discovery was finally made,
After an MRI,
My neurosurgeon told me the price I paid.

A tumour in my head,
They called it an arachnoid cyst,
It wasn’t cancerous,
But something the tests easily missed.

Only one solution,
An operation had to be done,
To remove the cyst,
But the waiting was certainly no fun.

But the horrible thought,
Of an operation on my brain,
Filled me with such fear,
That it almost overruled the pain.

It was so risky,
Brain surgery would always be,
I was in good hands,
My neurosurgeon reassured me.

After the surgery,
The pain felt so much worse,
Was it all worth it?
Time would be the usual curse.

It was successful,
At least that’s what he told me,
The cyst had been drained,
In the future I would be pain free.

But healing took time,
And my recovery was slow,
It seemed like forever,
But the pain did eventually go.

Only scars remained,
To remind me of the fear,
A moment in my life,
That I hope will never re-appear…

{©2008 Jan Brooks}


Cyst Surgery

You need surgery,
An operation on the brain,
That’s what he told me,
It would relieve the pain.

I was terrified,
His words really shook me,
It had to be done,
The truth was clear to see.

I had a large cyst,
Pressing hard on my brain,
It was still growing,
And causing so much pain.

To have surgery,
Is quite risky I know,
He explained it all,
But my fear still did show.

This arachnoid cyst,
Was at the back of my brain,
The base of the skull,
The cause of all the pain.

I needed it soon,
He didn’t want to wait,
Leaving it too long,
Would maybe be too late…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}


Dandy-Walker Syndrome

They call it Dandy-Walker,
But what does it really mean?
It’s a malformation,
Of the brain that is unseen.

They call it a syndrome,
But what does it involve?
It’s a deformity,
With problems they can’t resolve.

They call it Dandy-Walker,
But what does it mean to me?
It’s a variation,
Mild enough so they can’t see.

They call it a syndrome,
But what does it prove now?
It’s a difficulty,
But I cope with it all somehow…

{©2008 Jan Brooks}



Light The Way

Keep on trying,
It's something you must do,
Because sometimes,
You struggle to make it through.
Give all you can,
And share what you know,
Because in your life,
Some things come and some things go.
Give with your heart,
And feel with your soul,
Lift your spirits up,
And you'll make your life whole.
Live each day,
In the present and not the past,
Or you sanity,
You know will certainly never last
Keep faith in your life,
And true love in your heart,
And you'll stay strong,
And keep from falling apart.
Keep your eyes open,
And keep your mind clear,
Then you won't miss,
All the things that you hold dear.
And in the end,
There is only one thing to say,
Never lose direction,
And may God light your way...

{©2008 Jan Brooks}


Why Do We...?

Why do we want,
What we don’t need,
Why are we,
So consumed by greed.
Why do we wreck,
What we should mend,
Our actions,
We always defend.
Why do we fight,
What we can’t win,
We succumb,
Easily to sin.
Why do we show,
What we should hide,
And destroy,
Other people’s pride.
Why do we grab,
What we should not,
We reject,
All that we’ve got.
Why do we take,
What we can get,
And we don’t,
Have any regret…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}


Do You Feel…

Do you feel you’re wasting your time?
Getting no thanks for what you do,
Working yourself into the ground,
And they never offer to help you.

Do you feel you’re just being used?
Are they taking you for a ride?
Not showing you any respect,
And slowly destroying your pride.

Do you feel you’re being let down?
Is the trust just slipping away?
They don’t really believe in you,
And never let you have your say.

Do you feel you’re wanting too much?
Expecting them to support you,
But ending up disappointed,
And feeling so rejected too…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}


Some Things

Some things hurt,
Much more than they should,
We can’t accept,
If only we could.

Some things die,
While other things live,
Some we accept,
Others we can’t forgive.

Some things grow,
Much too big, it’s true,
We can’t accept,
And we don’t want to.

Some things change,
While other things don’t,
Some we accept,
But many we won’t…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}


They’re Watching You

They’re watching you,
Waiting for you to fail,
To see you lose it,
And watch you go off the rail.

They’re watching you,
Waiting for you to fold,
To see you give up,
And watch you lose your hold.

They’re watching you,
Waiting for you to fall,
To see you go down,
And watch you just lose it all…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}


My Heroes

Who are my heroes?
Who means the most to me?
Those who inspire,
Well now, let me see.

Who are my heroes?
Both fictional and real,
They’re so diverse,
So much they reveal.

Who are my heroes?
Who really leads the way?
Women of strength,
With something to say.

Who are my heroes?
Much more than what they do,
Caring people,
Just like me and you.

Who are my heroes?
Who shines every day?
Special women,
Well, I won’t give them away!

{©2008 Jan Brooks}


Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures,
Are always the best,
Sleeping in late,
And plenty of rest,

Simple pleasures,
Always get me through,
Time spent alone,
With nothing to do.

Simple pleasures,
All I want to eat,
Anything I like,
Tasty and so sweet.

Simple pleasures,
Always mean a lot,
Just to escape,
Enjoy all I’ve got.

Simple pleasures,
Lying in the grass,
On a Sunday,
Letting the time pass.

Simple pleasures,
Like it’s meant to be,
Quiet places,
Where there’s only me.

Simple pleasures,
Make me feel content,
Happy with life,
And they’re heaven sent.

Simple pleasures,
Always the best things,
My enjoyment,
Of what life sometimes brings...

{©2008 Jan Brooks}
Little Things

It's the little things,
That always matter to me,
Little actions,
Are so pleasing to see.

It's the little things,
That always mean something,
Little thoughts,
And the comfort they bring.

It's the little things,
That always make me feel good,
Little pleasures,
And the feelings are understood.

It's the little things,
That always matter, it's true,
Little memories,
And treasuring all that we do...

{©2007 Jan Brooks}

Simple Things

I don’t like fancy cars,
Or expensive jewellery,
Big opulent mansions,
They’re all a waste of money.

I’m not into fashion,
Shoes don’t interest me,
Neither do accessories,
I prefer things that are free.

I’m not a traveller,
Don’t waste time needlessly,
No overseas flights,
That sort of life isn’t for me.

I don’t go to restaurants,
No extravagance for me,
I love simple things,
And that’s the way it’ll always be…

{©2008 Jan Brooks}


Those Little Eyes

Those curious little eyes,
Would always look up at me,
With pure innocence,
Left in wonder of what they see.

Those sparkling little eyes,
Would always tell me everything,
All the excitement,
And all the fun that life can bring.

Those intriguing little eyes,
Would always be asking me why,
The mysteries of life,
Are so facinating to the young eye.

Those pleading little eyes,
Would always beg for me to stay,
Because I was a friend,
Who cared and always loved to play.

Those sleepy little eyes,
Would always try to stay awake,
Never wanting to miss a thing,
But now, let the child sleep for loves sake...

{©2005 Jan Brooks }



In A Perfect World


In a perfect world,

We would have all we need,

No one would suffer,

There would be no more greed.


In a perfect world,

We could face anything,

And we’d have the strength,

To face what life will bring.


In a perfect world,

We won’t suffer in pain,

We would all be well,

And we’d be whole again...


{©2012 Jan Brooks}



 Life Is…


Life is something,

We all have to face,

It’s a journey,

And shouldn’t be a race.


Life is something,

We have to explore,

A discovery,

There’s always so much more.


Life is something,

We have to take hold,

And really live,

Be confident and bold.


Life is something,

We all have to live,

An adventure,

We have so much to give.


{©2013 Jan Brooks}



Life Can…


Life can be so cruel,

And it can be kind,

Turn you upside down,

And can mess with your mind.


Life can be happy,

And it can make you sad,

Can make you wish for,

All the things you once had.


Life can confuse you,

And it can question why,

Can make you angry,

And make you want to cry.


Life can cause heartache,

And it can make you smile,

Can make you realise,

That it’s really worth while.


Life can bring you hope,

And it can make you frown,

It can lift you up,

When you are feeling down.


Life can hold mystery,

And it can be a bore,

But it will always be,

Something worth fighting for!


{©2013 Jan Brooks}