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Poems Of Love

Spirit Of Love

Feel the spirit of love
Floating around everywhere,
Carried by the breeze,
Nothing else can compare.
Sooner or later it finds you,
Love tugging at your heart,
There are many reasons,
You’ll feel it taking a part.
It makes your heart sing,
And lets your emotions show,
Guiding your every step,
Where ever you may go.
The spirit of love,
Makes the world go round,
If you believe in its power,
It will always be around…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}


Love Is…

Love is like magic,
And it always will be,
For love still remains,
Life’s big mystery.
Love works in ways,
Both wonderful and strange,
And there’s nothing in life,
That love can't change.
Love is unselfish,
Understanding and kind,
For it sees with the heart,
And not with the mind.
Love is the answer,
That everyone seeks,
Love is the language,
That every heart speaks.
Love can’t be bought,
It’s priceless and free,
Love is like magic,
It’s life’s big mystery!

{©2008 Jan Brooks}


You Are…

You are the stars,
To my night,
And the darkness,
Is turned into light.

You are the sun,
To my rain,
And the sunshine,
Takes away my pain.

You are the blue,
To my grey,
And darkened skies,
Slowly fade away.

You are the smiles,
To my tears,
And the courage,
To dissolve my fears.

You are the hope,
To my doubt,
And those desires,
I can’t do without…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}


There Is Something

I don’t really know you,
We have only just met,
But there is something,
About you I can’t forget.

Maybe time will tell,
If that something will show,
But in the meantime,
I feel the attraction grow.

I think you feel the same,
And somehow I feel sure,
But there is something,
Pushing me to know you more.

When we are alone,
You open up to me,
But you take your time,
The beauty inside I see.

I believe that something,
Is starting to shine through,
But there is much more,
There is something special about you…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}




Sweet tender lips,
As sweet as can be,
Just like honey,
When you are kissing me.

Sweet loving eyes,
As sweet as you are,
Just like sugar,
As white as the shining star.

Sweet gentle touch,
As sweet as you feel,
Just like silk,
Soft skin you don't conceal.

Sweet sensual moves,
As sweet as can be,
Passion ignited,
A connection between you and me.

{ ©2006 Jan Brooks }

To You...

You’re the first thing I think of,
Each morning when I rise.
You’re the last thing I think of,
Each night when I close my eyes.
You’re in each thought I have,
And every single breath I take,
My love is growing stronger,
With every little move I make.
I want to prove how I feel for you,
But that is the hardest part,
So, I’m giving all I have to give,
To you…I give my heart…

{©2006 Jan Brooks}

Colour My Love

Colour my dreams,
With visions of you,
Colour my heart,
With your love so true.
Colour my days,
With sunshine not rain,
Colour my nights,
With passion not pain.
Colour my life,
With happiness inside,
Colour my soul,
With emotions I can't hide.
Colour my hopes,
With goodness not bad,
Colour my love,
Make it the purest I've ever had...

{©2004 Jan Brooks}

Love Travels

Love travels,
Love is always in motion,
Over the highest mountain,
And across the widest ocean.
Love travels,
Love is always on the move,
Travels from heart to heart,
And love always has something to prove.
Love travels,
Love always finds a way through,
The heartache and the pain,
Through anything just to get to you!

{©2007 Jan Brooks}

Like Water

You are like water to me,
Without you I would die,
A never ending thirst,
I have and there's no doubt why.
You are like a tranquil lake,
The water glitters like light in your eyes,
Reflecting your true self,
Chrystal clear water holds no disguise.
You are like a flowing stream,
Your love flowing freely to me,
My heart is soaking it up,
And slowly sets my own love free.
You are like a raging river,
Over a waterfall rushing down,
But if I get in too deep,
I feel I will surely drown...

{©2006 Jan Brooks}


It Is Love…

It is love that gives me purpose,
To change, to grow and learn,
It is love that guides me,
And helps me choose which way to turn.

It is love that gives me courage,
To fight against my fears,
It is love that opens my heart,
And lets you see my happy tears.

It is love that gives me harmony,
To keep the desire strong,
It is love that I trust,
And I pray nothing will go wrong.

{©2008 Jan Brooks}

My Desire

My desire for life,
Was buried deep inside,
Before we met,
I felt it had all died.

You’ve drawn out of me,
These feelings so new,
My desire to love,
Has been released by you.

My desire to touch,
Your soft glowing skin,
Releases much more,
Our love flows from within…

{©2008 Jan Brooks}

This Dream

Last night as I slept,
A vision came to me,
It was of you and I,
A lovely sight to see.

And in this dream,
I softly touched your face,
I pulled you closer,
And felt you warm embrace.

My lips met yours,
And you tasted so sweet,
This tender moment,
Taken beneath the sheet.

I woke from this dream,
And the thought of you stayed,
With me through the day,
And never will it fade…

{©2008 Jan Brooks}


Feelings from my heart,
Which I need to write,
Words I want to convey,
And let them see the light.

Words of sincerity,
With continuous flow,
Expressing myself,
The only way I know.

Every word I write,
The feelings are true,
Love flows from words,
In poetry just for you…

{©2008 Jan Brooks}


Our love will always,
Seek happiness and joy,
The one thing we cherish,
We hope never to destroy.

Life can be so short,
We’ll try to hold it forever,
You are all I want,
It’s you that I treasure.

Your confessions of love,
Take hold of my heart,
There’s nothing in this world,
That can keep us apart.

A lifetime of dreams,
And our bond is the key,
Proves to everyone,
That we were always meant to be…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}