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Poems Of Love 2

Second Hand Love

I’m not your first love,
Neither are you mine,
A second hand love,
Can be truly divine.

Knowing each other,
Has been loved before,
Now we’re both ready,
To be loved once more.

A second hand love,
Knows its way around,
And avoids situations,
Where hurt can be found.

Learning from mistakes,
They are all in the past,
A second hand love,
Is more likely to last.

A second hand love,
Can feel fresh and brand new,
Never feel ashamed,
Because you know it’s true.

There is no doubt,
And not a single regret,
This second hand love,
Could be the best yet.

Love is always love,
Wether it’s old or new,
But I’m so glad,
My second hand love is you!

{©2009 Jan Brooks}


There Is Something

I don’t really know you,
We have only just met,
But there is something,
About you I can’t forget.

Maybe time will tell,
If that something will show,
But in the meantime,
I feel the attraction grow.

I think you feel the same,
And somehow I feel sure,
But there is something,
Pushing me to know you more.

When we are alone,
You open up to me,
But you take your time,
The beauty inside I see.

I believe that something,
Is starting to shine through,
But there is much more,
There is something special about you…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}


You touch the scar on my neck,
Feeling the texture of the skin,
Beyond my imperfections,
You know there’s beauty deep within.

There is no hesitation,
You’re not repulsed by what you see,
You tell me these are the things,
That reveal the real me.

I feel your lips on my neck,
You’re kissing away any doubt,
Sending signals down my spine,
My body knows no way out.

There is no denying it,
It means much more than my scar,
It’s a deep understanding,
An acceptance of who we are…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}


Your smile brings light to my life,
Your eyes tell me what’s in your heart,
Your kiss tastes sweet on my lips,
Your embrace says we’ll never part.
Your love is all I really need,
In ways that I just can’t define,
You’ve given so much love to me,
And I give you all, because you are mine!

{©2009 Jan Brooks}


You Are…

You are the stars,
To my night,
And the darkness,
Is turned into light.

You are the sun,
To my rain,
And the sunshine,
Takes away my pain.

You are the blue,
To my grey,
And darkened skies,
Slowly fade away.

You are the smiles,
To my tears,
And the courage,
To dissolve my fears.

You are the hope,
To my doubt,
And those desires,
I can’t do without…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}

Alone Together

Walking barefoot on the beach,
By a beautiful, calm sea,
For my hand you slowly reach,
As we stroll contentedly.

You pick flowers along the way,
And give me a little bunch.
We sit overlooking the bay,
And eat fish and chips for lunch,

Making our plans together,
Lost in a world of our own,
It seems we’ve waited forever,
But at last we are alone…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}


Two different minds,
Yet so much alike,
We share our dreams,
They are so alike.

Two separate hearts,
Yet beating as one,
We share our love,
Forever as one.

Two unique souls,
Yet deeply so strong,
We share our hopes,
Together we’re strong.

{©2009 Jan Brooks}

The Little Things

It's the little things I miss the most,
A sideways glance
A simple slow dance.

It's the little things I miss so much,
A kiss on the nose
A single red rose.

It's the little things that still make my day,
A short phone call
Your photo on the wall.

It's the little things that will get me through,
Saying I love you
And knowing you love me too.

{©2009 Jan Brooks}


Someone Like You

I couldn’t describe,
Such lovely eyes,
As blue as water,
Reflecting the skies.

I couldn’t describe,
Such a bright smile,
Whiter than snow,
The best by a mile.

I couldn’t describe,
Such silky hair,
Flowing like waves,
On a sea of air.

I couldn’t describe,
Someone like you,
Words couldn’t define,
What I know is true…

{©2010 Jan Brooks}


Ever since I saw your face,
I could never get you off my mind,
By your side was the only place,
With our souls forever entwined.

Holding your hand is all I’ve wanted,
For the rest of my life, for eternity,
My heart would remain undaunted,
Beyond the space of time, beyond infinity.

The flame in this body of mine, for you,
Has always burnt brighter than any star,
It’s been the light that guided me through,
Completed us, and made us who we are…

{©2010 Jan Brooks}

My Love

I think of you,
Every single day,
But when I,
See you I’m lost for words to say.

Holding me,
Please don’t let me go,
But you smile,
Deep inside I surely know.

No one thinks,
This will last very long,
But my love,
For you will prove them wrong…

{©2010 Jan Brooks}


I’m handing my heart to you,
In your hands to forever keep,
I’m giving you the chance to hurt me,
And I know I’m in way too deep.
I’m giving myself to you,
All of my mind, body and soul,
Handing over my everything,
Hoping you’ll be the one to keep me whole…

{©2010 Jan Brooks}

You Saw The Real Me

I couldn’t believe my eyes,
When I saw your face,
I never thought I would see the day,
I’d see you standing,
Here in this place,
You were back in my life to stay.

You saw something in me,
No one else could see,
Right through my heart into my soul,
You weren’t blind at all,
You saw the real me,
You realized we made each other whole…

{©2010 Jan Brooks}


My Heart

Beat by beat,
My heart goes on for you,
Stronger and stronger,
With a love so true.

Like it has,
Since we first met,
For an angel,
It could never forget.

It bears the scars,
Of so many years,
All the loneliness,
The sorrow and the tears.

Feelings buried,
So deep down inside,
It would be the,
Price it paid for pride.

It wouldn’t stop,
It’s long search for you,
It always waited,
Until it found you again, it’s true!

{©2010 Jan Brooks}