Jan's Poetry Place

Poems Of Nature


Buds appear on the trees,
Birds in the branches nest,
Butterflies and bees,
Waiting for flowers at their best.

Water trickles in the stream,
The meadow soaked in dew,
Everything so green,
So beautiful, fresh and new.

Springtime is refreshing,
Where new life replaces old,
The wonder of nature,
And the beauty it does hold…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}

Rivers flowing,
Flowers growing,
Nature a wonderful sight,
Trees swaying,
Birds playing,
Nature a radiant light.

Animals on land,
Water and sand,
Nature in all shapes and sizes,
Scales and claws,
Fur and paws,
Nature with all its surprises.

Clear blue skies,
Early sunrise,
Nature in the light of day,
Colourful sunset,
Be the best yet,
Nature showing us the way.

Blown away,
Beautiful display,
Nature at it’s very best,
Always changing,
Life rearranging.
Nature never will rest…

{©2007 Jan Brooks}

Delicate things,
Like butterfly wings,
Stir memories of my youth,
And sweet perfume,
From each fragrant bloom,
Carefree days and that’s the truth.

The sound of a bird,
Could always be heard,
Beneath the big old gum trees,
On the bank I lie,
The river nearby,
Feeling the gently blowing breeze.

Lazy days pass,
Lying in the grass,
When there’s no one else around,
Beauty fills my heart,
All nature is art,
Every day it could be found…

{©2008 Jan Brooks}
On The River

Down on the river,
The paddle boats steam by,
Beautiful weather,
And not a cloud in the sky.
The perfect day,
For a paddle steamer ride,
Once I'm aboard,
I take a seat down the side.
Up near the back,
I see the water churning below,
But all around me,
I watch the river's gentle flow.
Taking in the view,
I block out the people near me,
Enjoying nature,
Seeing only what I want to see.
The trees on the banks,
So old and their roots laid bare,
On the little beaches,
I see a few people fishing there.
The birds in the trees,
Were making their presence known,
And filling the sky,
An abundance of wildlife shown.
I sit and listen,
As the steamer chugs along,
Sounds of the river,
A sense of where I belong.
A combination,
Of nature and history,
Life on the river,
Where two worlds live in harmony...

{©2006 Jan Brooks}


On The Beach

A deserted beach,
Footprints in the sand,
Just the two of us,
Walking together hand in hand.
A gentle breeze,
Water so clear and blue,
With white tipped waves,
Spending time alone here with you.
It's late afternoon,
And the sun is sinking low,
The air still warm,
No reason why we have to go.
Let's stay longer,
Maybe we can watch the sun set,
Sit here on the sand,
Our troubles for a moment, we'll forget.
Sitting on the shore,
With you so close by my side,
Watching the horizon,
And the slowly receding tide.
An orange red glow,
Slowly spreads across the calm sea,
The beauty of nature,
On display here for you and me...

{©2005 Jan Brooks}

Let It Rain

Let it rain,
Let it fall across the land,
Soak the dry ground,
Give us all a helping hand.
Let it rain,
Let it fall from heavy skies,
Fill every dam,
And let all the rivers rise.
Let it rain,
Let it fall steady all night,
Soak the gardens,
It’s really a welcome sight.
Let it rain,
Let it fall throughout the day,
Fill up the tanks,
And wash all our worries away…

{©2008 Jan Brooks}


The Drought

Wide open spaces,
Vast empty places,
Bare earth so dry,
Life will slowly die,
Water hard to find,
The heat so unkind,
Tall old gum trees,
Not hardly a breeze,
Blazing sun burns deep,
Much too hot to sleep,
So hard to stay alive,
How can it all survive,
It’s been a long drought,
So dry without a doubt,
On rain we depend,
When will it ever end?

{©2007 Jan Brooks}

Like The Breeze

The breeze runs it gentle fingers,
Through my long, soft hair,
It gently caresses my face,
It does what it likes without a care.
It pulls gently at my clothes,
And delicately brushes against my skin,
It cools the warm, humid night,
And slowly stirres a desire within.
It blows across my closed eyes,
And it dries the moisture from my lips,
But it does it ever so lovingly,
Just like the touch of your fingertips.
I hear the soft sound it makes,
Just like someone whispering in my ear,
I listen to what it has to say,
And the words seem to be so clear.
It taunts and teases me,
But I'm willing to join in on it's game,
It softly laughs at me,
And it seems to be calling my name.
But it doesn't frighten me,
It makes me feel kind of free,
It sweeps away the lonliness,
When you're not here with me...

{ ©2005 Jan Brooks }



No mistaking,
It’s so heartbreaking,
All this devastation,
Nothing remains,
But horrible stains,
Spread across the nation.

Landscapes laid bare,
No buildings left there,
Animals were lost too,
Everyone’s shocked,
Our world has been rocked,
There was nothing we could do.

Hard to believe,
People left to grieve,
Lives just taken away,
It hurts to see,
All the agony,
Then who is left to pay?

{©2009 Jan Brooks}


After The Fires

Everything so black,
The ground and the trees,
Thick smoke and ash,
Carried on the strong breeze.

The twisted metal,
Burnt and blackened wood,
Just charred remains,
Rubble where homes once stood.

Paddocks so bare,
Many animals dead,
Human lives lost,
Nothing left to be said.

The fire destroyed,
Everything in its path,
There’s nothing left,
But the sad aftermath…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}


Rains and floods,
And storms that destroy,
The devastation,
Never brings any joy.
Droughts and death,
All so barren and dry,
The land is just dust,
It really makes you cry.
Fuel and fires,
Take all in their path,
Nothing at all left,
But the cruel aftermath.
All disasters,
Natural or deliberate,
Are the ways of life,
And you never know until it’s too late…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}