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Poems Of Pain 2

Sea Of Pain

When life becomes a sea of pain,
And every moment is agony,
I must endure this all again,
It is a curse, why should it be?

Fighting by instinct for every breath,
Even as I must go on alone,
With every longing fixed on death,
Struggling through on my own.

You watch helplessly from the shore,
As I endure this all again,
I need you with me all the more,
When life becomes a sea of pain…

{©2010 Jan Brooks}


This World

I think about,
This world full of sin,
All the heartache,
And the pain people are in.

I think about,
This world full of fear,
All the terror,
And actions that are unclear.

I think about,
This world full of hate,
All the violence,
And moments when it’s too late.

I think about,
This world full of pain,
All the agony,
And the scars that will remain…

{©2010 Jan Brooks}

It Breaks My Heart

It breaks my heart,
To see them in so much pain,
I know what it feels like,
To be almost driven insane.

It breaks my heart,
To feel what they always feel,
I know it’s difficult,
To ignore what we know is real.

It breaks my heart,
To see the pain they are in,
I know it’s a struggle,
When hope is a little too thin.

It breaks my heart,
To know what they’re going through,
I know it’s hard to cope,
And it’s hard to know what to do…

{©2010 Jan Brooks}

Don’t Pretend

Don’t pretend,
That you’re not in pain,
It’s hard to hide,
I see it in your face again.

Don’t pretend,
That you’re fighting fit,
It’s not the truth,
You’re hurting more than just a bit.

Don’t pretend,
That you’re coping well,
I feel you’re not,
You’re certainly going through hell.

Don’t pretend,
That you’re feeling great,
I know the truth,
It really shouldn’t be your fate.

{©2010 Jan Brooks}


My Struggle

I live in a fog,
Making it hard to see,
It distorts my thoughts,
And just confuses me.

I slip into darkness,
The pain is intense,
Direction is lost,
Nothing makes any sense.

I struggle with life,
I battle with pain,
I’m alone in this,
It’s how it will remain.

I want to give up,
I know it’s not right,
Something has to change,
I must put up a fight.

{©2008 Jan Brooks}



They Could Never...

They could never imagine,
What you have to go through,
The depth of your pain,
And the disabilities too.

They could never understand,
How you struggle every day,
Just to live your life,
In a manageable way.

They could never comprehend,
Why you feel so much pain,
You hurt all over,
So hard to survive the strain.

They could never quite believe,
Just how much you endure,
What you really face,
Forever hoping for a cure…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}



This Pain

She lives with pain,
Every single day,
There’s no escape,
The price she has to pay.

A life of pain,
What she has to face,
The barriers,
Stand so firmly in place.

This constant pain,
Is her bravest fight,
It’s a struggle,
Just to do what is right.

Coping with pain,
Is a daily thing,
What the future will bring.

Fighting this pain,
Takes power of will,
And courage,
Somehow she stays strong still…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}



A Disease

Seeping, soaking,
Under the skin,
The pain growing,
Sinking deep within.

Spreading, invading,
Deep down inside,
Always unseen,
So easy to hide.

Overtaking, consuming,
The whole of you,
It’s a disease,
Nothing you can do...

{©2007 Jan Brooks}


I’m Tired

I’m tired,
And in pain,
I’m weak,
I’m depressed,
Can’t explain.

I’m tired,
So sleepy,
Can’t think straight,
I’m frail,
I’m fatigued,
It’s too late.

I’m tired,
Had enough,
And need sleep,
I’m drained,
I’m empty,
In too deep.

I’m tired,
Its over,
Can’t go on,
I’m done,
I’m through now,
Strength has gone...

{©2008 Jan Brooks}



We Suffer...

We suffer in silence,
Always hiding our pain,
Emotions concealed,
Hoping that’s how it’ll remain.

We suffer quietly,
Always keeping secrets,
Feelings suppressed,
But we often have regrets.

We suffer in silence,
Always hiding our fear,
Emotions confused,
Trying to keep our minds clear.

We suffer quietly,
Always keeping it in,
Feelings controlled,
But knowing we will never win…

{©2008 Jan Brooks}


No Answers

We look for answers,
But search in vain,
Answers we need,
But doubts still remain.

Some give us hope,
Others say no,
We keep searching,
But where do we go?

It’s not knowing,
That drives us nuts,
Deep down it hurts,
Gnaws at our guts.

It’s not much comfort,
When others say,
Trust your feelings,
Fight all the way.

Hard to cope when,
We have no clue,
And not knowing,
Can leave us blue.

Living in limbo,
Hurts us no end,
We want answers,
So we can mend...

{©2008 Jan Brooks}



 All This Pain


The pain I feel,

I hold inside,

All this pain,

I smile to hide.


The pain hurts more,

Than I can tell,

All this pain,

Makes my life hell.


The pain won’t stop,

I’m drowning fast,

All this pain,

Surely can’t last…?


{©2012 Jan Brooks}




The Pain…


The pain you feel,

But can’t explain,

A pain so strong,

Drives you insane.


The intense pain,

That burns your heart,

A pain unknown,

Tears you apart.


The silent pain,

That clouds your mind,

A pain unseen,

Making you blind.


The pain you know,

But can’t explain,

A pain so tough,

That will remain…


{©2012 Jan Brooks}



This Pain


You can’t see the pain,

I have here inside,

For so long now,

It’s something I’ve tried to hide.


Pain surrounds me,

Day after day,

It doesn’t seem to,

Ever really go away.


Pain always comes,

And never goes,

Pain that grips me,

So tightly until it shows.


You can’t feel the pain,

Of that I’m quite sure,

I want to tell you,

I can’t take this pain any more…


{©2012 Jan Brooks}



I Wish…


I wish I could tell you,

How it hurts just to move,

But reality is,

It’s something I can’t prove.


I never get much sleep,

And sometimes cry all night,

Nothing can stop it,

Sometimes it’s hard to fight.


I don’t think you know,

The pain that I go through,

You try to understand,

But I don’t want you to…


{©2012 Jan Brooks}



How Much?


How much pain,

Can one person take?

How much torture,

Until we finally break?


How much pain,

Can someone endure?

How much anguish,

When we know there’s no cure?


How much Pain,

Can be the limit?

How much heartache,

Will tear us apart bit by bit?


{©2012 Jan Brooks}





Tears of pain,

I cry each day,

They never seem,

To go away.


Tears can’t hide,

The endless pain,

I always fear,

It will remain.


Tears won’t stop,

Pain never will,

Despite it all,

Life goes on still…


{©2012 Jan Brooks}





Pressure, pounding,

Permanent pain in my head.

Reminding me,

Before I even leave my bed.


Gnawing, growing,

Gripping tightly deep inside,

It’s always there,

There is no where I can hide.


Dizzy, disturbed,

Distracted by all the pain,

So I wonder,

Will it forever remain?


{©2012 Jan Brooks}