Jan's Poetry Place

Poems Of Pain


Pain, please leave me,
Please will you just go away?
Quit haunting my every moment,
Stop bothering me every single day.

Pain, this horrible feeling,
What did I do to deserve such pain?
Why are you punishing me?
Why do you have to remain?

Pain, leave me alone,
I will not be consumed by you,
What did I do wrong?
What do I have to do?

Pain, will you continue,
To afflict my every moment?
For the rest of my life,
Or is relief being sent?

Pain, leave me be,
What will drive you away?
I don’t deserve this,
I did not ask for you in any way.

Pain, I wish I could,
Banish you to hell forever,
I will not rely on you,
I don’t believe in you ever.

Pain, stop the torture,
Release your grip on me,
Will you please stop?
All I want is to be free...

{©2007 Jan Brooks}


Chronic Pain

Chronic pain,
Takes over inside,
Fills your body,
The agony you just can’t hide.

Chronic pain,
So hard to defend,
You can’t escape,
But you’re begging for it to end.

Chronic pain,
Leaves a gaping hole,
Floods your senses,
Eventually you lose control.

Chronic pain,
It grips you so tight,
It crushes you,
Until you can no longer fight.

Chronic Pain,
It just consumes you,
Tortures your mind,
Until there’s nothing you can do…

{©2007 Jan Brooks}
I Wish I Could Tell You

I wish I could tell you,
About the depth of my pain,
It’s almost never-ending,
And hard to explain.
I wish I could tell you,
How broken I feel inside,
My body just hurts so much,
But it’s easy to hide.
I wish I could tell you,
I can’t function very well,
Difficult to get around,
But no one can tell.
I wish I could tell you,
But you wouldn’t understand,
That I often have to ask,
For a helping hand.
I wish I could tell you,
How I honestly feel,
But you wouldn’t believe me,
That this pain is so real…

{©2008 Jan Brooks}



Pain Grows

Searching, seeking, reaching,
Like a root seeking sustenance,
It bores deep within.
Spreading, flowing, blooming,
Like a flower seeking light,
Its spreads outward.
Budding, creeping, dividing,
Like branches and leaves,
Filling the spaces between.
Branching, invading, seeping,
Like veins and stems spreading,
Carrying pain like a river.
Like the stubborn old tree,
With pervading roots,
The pain is here to stay...

{©2007 Jan Brooks}


Pain, it can rule our lives,
Where courage barely survives.
Pain, it can take control,
It plays a destructive role.
Pain, It can be endless,
It causes so much distress.
Pain, It can make us pay,
To cope, we must find a way.
Pain, it’s just not right,
But we have to keep up the fight!

{©2008 Jan Brooks}


Pain sends you crazy,
And it drives you mad,
It drags you down,
And makes you feel so sad.

Pain is disturbing,
It messes with your head,
Tortures your mind,
Makes you wish you were dead.

Pain can take over,
It controls what you do,
All consuming,
Until it totally consumes you…

{©2008 Jan Brooks}




There Will Be Someone…

No matter where your pain is,
Or when it may flare,
There will be someone,
Who doesn’t believe it’s even there.

No matter what you tell them,
Or what you try to do,
There will be someone,
Who doesn’t believe it could be true.

No matter how much you hurt,
Or how hard it is to take,
There will be someone,
Who doesn’t believer it’s no mistake.

No matter what you now face,
Or what’s there every day,
There will be someone,
Who doesn’t believe in what you say…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}


Living With...

Living with this condition,
Is a continuous fight,
Having to live this way,
Isn’t fair or even right.

Living with uncertainty,
Never knowing how we’ll feel,
Each day is different,
No one believes this is real.

Living with complications,
Battling the constant pain,
Taking medications,
Getting around is a strain.

Living with limitations,
It controls all that we do,
Fatigue is consuming,
We struggle to make it through.

Living with this condition,
Is a struggle every day,
Often so overwhelming,
But we always find a way…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}

This Chronic Pain

Muscles so tight,
Strong spasms again,
Wanting relief,
From this chronic pain.

Nerves so touchy,
Driving me insane,
Getting desperate,
With this chronic pain.

Down every nerve,
And through every vein,
Searching the cause,
Of this chronic pain.

After many tests,
Doubts will still remain,
Seeking answers,
For this chronic pain.

On a journey,
Deep inside my brain,
Tracing the source,
Of this chronic pain.

A special scan,
So much to explain,
Reveals the truth,
Of this chronic pain…

{©2007 Jan Brooks}



 The Pain


I’m the pain,

That just won’t go away,

I’m the pain,

That you feel every day.


I’m the pain,

That makes your body weak,

I’m the pain,

That makes it hard to speak.


I’m the pain,

That confuses your mind,

I’m the pain,

That is always unkind.


I’m the pain,

That disturbs every night,

I’m the pain,

That has a grip so tight.


I’m the pain,

That’s with you every day,

I’m the pain,

That will never go away!


{©2012 Jan Brooks}




I’m Everything…


I’m the pain,

Gripping you so tight,

I’m the fatigue,

Making it hard to fight.


I’m the numbness,

Your limbs can’t let go,

I’m the scars,

That don’t always show.


I’m the aches,

Not letting you sleep,

I’m the plans,

Your memory can’t keep.


I’m the doubt,

Invading your mind,

I’m the sadness,

Often making you blind.


I’m the weakness,

Your body can feel,

I’m the fear,

That is ever so real…


{©2012 Jan Brooks}




My Pain


My head aches so much,

More than you’ll ever know,

The pain is intense,

But I try not to let it show.


My head spins full on,

Hard to function each day,

I hate the fatigue,

But you will never hear me say.


My head hurts non stop,

My mind is never clear,

I’m so distracted,

I’ll give myself away, I fear.


My head feels it all,

And my body does too,

The pain overwhelms,

Maybe one day I will tell you…


{©2012 Jan Brooks}



How Do I?


My body hurts,

And my head aches,

Depression hits,

And my heart breaks.


Pain takes over,

It consumes me,

Blinded by it,

I just can’t see.


Fatigue is real,

And weakness too,

Going crazy,

What can I do?


Meds barely work,

Nothing else will,

My suffering,

Will go on still.


How do I cope?

Dying inside,

This pain I feel,

I just can’t hide…


{©2012 Jan Brooks}




Pain Can…


Pain can take over,

And it can control you,

Leaving you helpless,

Wondering what to do.


Pain can be torture,

It can grip you so tight,

The longer it lasts,

The harder it is to fight.


Pain can grow slowly,

Or it can strike so fast,

It’s overwhelming,

Forever, it can last.


Pain can be much more,

And difficult to explain,

Takes over your life,

And all you can feel is pain…


{©2012 Jan Brooks}



 The Pain


You curse the pain,

For what it does to you,

It’s frustrating,

You wonder what to do.


You hate the pain,

For how it makes you feel,

It’s overwhelming,

And it’s forever real.


You blame the pain,

For the harm it has done,

It controls your life,

A battle that can’t be won…


{©2012 Jan Brooks}





Pain grips so tight,

It never lets go,

It takes effort,

Not to let it show.


What does pain mean,

Would you understand?

Don’t think you could,

Pain is never planned.


Pain takes over,

The body and mind,

It can be cruel,

Much more than unkind.


What does pain mean,

How can I explain?

What it feels like,

This thing I call pain…


{©2012 Jan Brooks}